Complete the Courses You Bought


This post is written by my sweet friend Alexandria from The Productivity Zone! She's sweet, kind, and so smart! Learn more about her here.

Do you have a mild (or even serious) case of something I like to call “course overwhelm”?

Have you purchased one (or a ton) of courses and now haven’t even started them or only halfway finished them?

You’re not the only one!

But I’m here to help with that! Today, I’m sharing 5 of my best tips to help you start, finish, and actually implement all those courses you purchased!!

Tip #1: Remind Yourself Why You Bought the Course

If it’s been a while since you opened or even looked at the course, it would be a good (no, GREAT) idea to remind yourself what it’s about and why you bought it in the first place. Take a moment to figure out what your end goal is aka what you hope to accomplish or do once you’ve completed the course.

Note: This should hugely motivate you to get that course completed!

Tip #2: Prioritize It

You’ve likely heard this before, but if something is not written down, it’s not getting done. It’s as simple as that. So put on your calendar when you’re going to do the educating and when you’re going to do the implementing. (And DON’T change it unless you absolutely have to! Things don’t became a priority unless you make them a priority! #commitandstick)

Note: I like to separate the educating from the implementing so that the educating can marinate for a bit. This also allows you time to ask questions of the instructor via email or course Facebook group, get feedback from others, etc.

Tip #3: Plan It Out

Plan out how you’re going to tackle the course. (You can do this on paper, but I recommend using Trello.) Create an outline of the course modules and about how long it will take you to get through each one and then implement. (Don’t forget that everything takes TWICE as long as you think it should.)

Note: If your schedule is packed, it’s ok to space out the modules of the course over days, weeks, or even months. Personally, I like to use Fridays as my “business education” days. I write on my calendar which Fridays will be used for education (and exactly which course/modules I’ll be working through) and which Fridays will be used for implementing (and exactly what I’ll be working on).

Tip #4: Get to Work

I hate to break it to you, but planning and prioritizing are only half the battle. The educating and implementing won’t get done unless you actually put in the work. So glue your booty to the chair and get. it. done!!

Note: Set a timer to help you stay focused and reward yourself well when the entire course is completed and implemented! Maybe with a fabulous Rachel Allene mug? ;)

Tip #5: Get an Accountability Buddy

Having someone who will cheer you on, hold you accountable, and give you a kick in the butt when you’re stalling is a great way to help you complete the courses you bought.

Note: I recommend finding someone who is ALSO taking the course so you can help each other out. Put out a call for an accountability buddy in the course’s Facebook group, connect with them, set up a check-in schedule, and then get to work!!

Remember, you bought the courses for a reason! Don’t let them sit on the digital shelf collecting dust (they don’t do you or you business any good that way) and DO THEM!! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to check back in! I can’t wait to hear how you’re cruising through those courses you bought!!

Guest Post from: Alexandra Beauregard