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Is Your Brand Telling A Good Story | Guest Blog Post

Today's post is a guest blog post written by Nicole Andreini of Nicole & Co.

Brands are the stories people tell about your business.Without stories, we would not be able to comprehend the value of something. Stories create experiences that one would not have had otherwise. The story your customers tell their friends about your business is first initiated by the brand they encounter.

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How To Connect With Influencers to Promote Your Product

I love chatting with other product shop owners about marketing strategies and how to grow an online shop. In the beginning of my business, I was able to tap into some strong marketing strategies that helped grow my Instagram audience and online presence. Which in turn, grew the success of my shop. 

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Product Shoppin' Ain't Easy! | Guest Blog Post

Today's post is a guest blog post written by Lisa Goins of Surprise Gift Co. 

I have this new favorite notepad in our Mother’s Day gift, it says Mommin’ Ain’t Easy! As a mom of 4 I can certainly (and wholeheartedly) verify that statement as truth. It’s easy to go through my days thinking I wish someone had told me it would be like this. As a second year online product-shop owner, I can also verify a similar statement- product shoppin’ ain’t easy… It’s hard and I wish someone had told me this. Not smirked and told me in an “it’s not that difficult, you’ll figure it out” kind of way. If only a wiser product shop owner had sat me down, looked me square in the eyes with their gameface on and said: “you might not survive this”

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