Beating the Instagram Algorithm

Let’s face it: Instagram is totally different these days. It makes sense. But still, it’s a bummer. Instagram is a business and they want to make money--can’t blame them--but it cramps our style, right? Well, first off we just need to accept that it’s different and learn to “adapt and overcome” as my husband would say. And second, we also need to learn to put our time and energy into other marketing platforms. Stay tuned for some free content coming your way to help with this!

For today’s purposes, we are going to talk about how to “adapt and overcome.” There are a few tricks I have been implementing that have helped my engagement in some ways and have allowed it to not fully tank. And there are also some things I have learned that are helping me use the app differently.

How to beat the Instagram Algorithm

  1. First of all, you gotta accept the fact that it’s different and don’t get too discouraged or emotionally caught up in it. Your Instagram feed and your engagement rate is NOT you identity. I know that it’s frustrating, though. I worked really hard to create a loyal following and now most of those people aren’t seeing my posts. So trust me, I get the frustration. But, we can’t let that discouragement take over. We must adapt and overcome! Are you sick of me saying that yet?

  2. Next, you need to find ways to “boost” your posts so that they are seen by your audience. There are two ways to do this! The first strategy for this is to make sure you create a call to action with your posts. For example, ask your audience a question, or ask them to “double tap” if they agree with a statement you write in your caption, or ask them to tag someone in the comments. When you create this CTA, you are asking your audience to engage with you. The more your audience engages, the more you post will be “boosted” up in the feeds of others. The other strategy is always remember to comment back to your audience. This doubles the amount of comments on your post which makes your post relevant again. Meaning, that it could pop up in the feeds of your audience several days after you post the image.

  3. Notify your audience about your posts in your Instagram story. You can take a screenshot of your Instagram bio and then write a little blurb about what the post is about. You could also create a video and mention how you just posted an image and create some type of mystery around the post that would make your viewers want to go see the post.

The most important step in “beating” the algorithm is to learn how to adapt when things change and to also not let Instagram be the only way that you market your product and services. A couple of years ago, Instagram was the hot topic and it was so EASY to grow an audience and get amazing engagement. It’s different now. And that’s okay. It’s time to be smart about how we use the app and it’s also time to find other ways to market your product and/or services. Are you using these marketing tips? Have you started an email list? Are you focusing on your ideal client? Also, consider styling some photos! 

I encourage you to do your best with the app, try some new things, and above all, don’t find your worth in your Instagram engagement percentage. That’ll discourage and defeat you.

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