6 Mistakes Product-Based Businesses Are Making With Instagram

Let’s face it: Instagram is a money making machine that we (as business owners) can’t live without. If you are a product-based business, you should be on Instagram. You can throw any and all arguments at me and I will still convince you that you need it. It’s is the easiest and cheapest (free!) way to market to your target audience and ideal clients. However, you want to make sure you are using Instagram effectively and efficiently in order to utilize it’s benefits.

If you are product-based business owner and aren’t seeing results from your Instagram activity, there is a good chance you’re making at least one of the mistakes below. Let’s talk about these mistakes and how you can fix them in order to see more sales and interaction!

Mistake #1: You are not commenting back to your audience. As humans, we want connection. We want to feel heard, appreciated, and known. This means that your audience wants to feel noticed and heard by you—they want to know that you notice their voice (comments). The easiest way to do this is by commenting back to the people who comment on your photos. This creates a conversation and makes you seem more human to your audience. This connection will increase the likelihood of your audience purchasing something that you offer. They will view you as a person, not just a transaction. We all want this! 

In addition, this will help "boost" your post in the Instagram algorithm. When you comment back, it seems like your post is getting more activity, so this will help your photo to show up in more feeds of your followers. 

Mistake #2: You are following too many people in the same industry as yours. If you are working hard to only build an audience of people who are selling the same thing as you, you will never make any sales! They don’t need your services. You want to reach out and to connect to people who want and need your services. Finding your ideal client can be a challenge, but it is very important. Start crafting your posts in a way that speaks to the people who need your product. Think about their pain points and how your products meets the need they have! Furthermore, if you are only following the people doing the same thing as you, you are bound to fall into the comparison trap. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Start following people who inspire creativity, confidence, and authenticity while also making you feeling empowered. It will help you keep a healthy perspective and mindset while using Instagram to grow your business. 

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If you find that you are making one or more of these mistakes, start making small steps to change them. These are easy mistakes to fix, so don’t get stressed! You are doing a great job and after reading this, you will only get better at using Instagram. And in no time, your sales will increase. Hooray!