2017 Goals and Grace | How I will define this year

Happy New Year, my people! I am hoping you saw my big announcement on Instagram a few days ago! If you didn't, you can click on over there or just read below! This past year was full of so much growth, joy, and unexpected surprises, in addition to its hardships and heartaches. In 2016, I saw big growth with my business, I attended a conference, I grew in my personal strength, I traveled more than I expected to, I spent a lot of time with my family, and I found out that I am pregnant! It's been a wild ride.

And yes, that's the exciting news! We are incredibly excited and humbled to announce that Baby Heckmann will be making his/her debut in July 2017! Which means I am gaining a new team member! As a result of this somewhat surprising news, my goals for 2017 look different than I thought they would. I have made some big goals, ones that I believe I can accomplish in the first six months of 2017. After that, I know life is going to look very different and I need to be prepared for that. So without further ado, let's get to those 2017 goals!

1. Hire a product packaging manager

Why: so when Baby H makes his/her debut, I can be present. I don't want to be concerned about packaging orders when I am in the hospital or just coming home with a new baby. I hope to hire and train someone about a month before the due date! This will give me peace as I transition into motherhood. 


2. Grow my wholesale accounts

This goal allows for my products to get into more beautiful hands! I love being able to send my products in bulk to shops and boutiques across the country. I also love working with photographers or other service based businesses to create customized client gifts! If you are interested in placing a bulk/wholesale order, please email rachel[at]rachelallene[dot]com!


3. Host and Launch and Online Challenge

Why: in order to encourage and empower female business owners to run heartfelt social media accounts! In order to keep everything else secret, that's all the clues I will give you! But, I hope you'll join me! It will be a week full of heartfelt communications, conversations, and intentional growth. How fun!


4. Be IN the Word daily

Why: so I can be a strong wife, mama, business owner, sister, daughter, and friend. I hate to admit it, but this past year I did not spend as much time in the Word as I would have liked. I want to be more intentional with y time in order to be fully who I am supposed to be. 


5. Plan for maternity leave

Why: The last thing I want is to enter into motherhood with no plan for my business. I know that I will need to take time off, but I want my business to keep running. I plan to spend a lot of time on the front end of baby, so I can be fully present once baby arrives. I don't want to be stressed about work when I am feeding and taking care of a newborn. 


6. Release brand new products

Why: to meet more needs of my customers! I can't share all the details quite yet, but new products (never seen before!) will be coming to the Rachel Allene shop. Stay tuned for more!


7. Read more novels

In 2016 I made a goal to start reading more AND enjoy it. I wasn't always a fan of reading and never really found time for it, but things shifted for me in 2016. Now that I enjoy reading more than I ever have before, I plan to read even more novels this year. If you have any suggestions, send them my way!


8. Continue our Weekly Date Nights

Why: we want to continue to make our marriage a priority and we know life is really going to change for us this year. That's why it is even more important for us to make date nights a priority. This year it might look a little different; we might do a lot of date nights at home. But that's okay with me. Our time together--not matter what it looks like--is of the utmost importance!


These are my biggest business and personal goals for 2017! I have other goals that relate to numbers and statistics, but I won't bore you with those! What's your biggest goal for 2017? I would love to hear so I can cheer you on!

In addition to having goals for 2017, I always pick a word to live by for the year. I choose a word in order to create more purpose in my decisions and help me stay focused on what matters for that year. Two years ago, my word was brave. That was the year I started my business! And last year, my word was fearless. I wanted to push myself to try bigger and better things. I wanted to push my limits. I wanted to show up in ways I never thought I could. And last year was really transformational for me. I believe I discovered new things about myself and my business that are equipping me to make wiser, intentional decisions. So, now I am faced with the choice of a new word for 2017. And this year is going to look a little different. I chose the word Grace for this year. If you've been around here for awhile, you know that #lesshustlemoregrace is something I preach all the time. 2017 will be the year I begin a whole new role as mama, and I want to make sure I focus on giving myself grace. While also giving more grace to the people around me. I want to be characterized by the grace I extend to myself and others. I know that I am an achiever and I find so much worth in my accomplishments, so as I anticipate days where a shower will be my accomplishment, I need to focus on filling those days with thoughts of grace. 

Did you pick a word for 2017? Come tell me on Instagram or share in the comments!