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the heartfelt grid

how to use instagram to grow your business and build your tribe

You're stuck on Instagram.

you can't find you're ideal clients or grow your audience.

maybe, you've even considered buying followers just to make yourself look credible.

You're tired of the follow-for-follow and endless scrolling, hoping to gain likes and followers. 

i hear you.


The Heartfelt Grid Guidebook is a resource that guides you through an Instagram strategy that is beyond gaining likes or followers. It's a resource that teaches you HOW to use the app to get in front of your ideal clients and turn them into raving fans, clients, and a loyal tribe member. 

This resource is for you if:

  • You want to make REAL connections with your followers
  • You want to build a tribe online
  • You want your followers to fall in love with your brand
  • and you want to learn how to use the app in a way that impacts lives and grow your business.

What's included?

The Heartfelt Grid Guidebook includes:

  • how to find your ideal client,

  • my tried and true instagram secrets,

  • a quick guide to easy and engaging instagram captions,

  • how to grow your audience overnight,

  • how to unlock the magic of instagram stories,

  • 5 ways (and 7 reasons why!) to start and hashtag movement,

  • how to beat the Instagram algorithm.  

  • And how to implement #theheartfeltgrid principles into your business marketing.

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The heartfelt grid guidebook

was created to walk you through an Instagram strategy that builds a tribe, encourages conversions, and brings life to an app that can so often deplete our joy.

If you're ready to connect with your audience and gain confidence while using Instagram, then this is for you!

  • Imagine opening the app and seeing comments and messages flood in because you have finally cracked the code on how to talk to and connect with your tribe on Instagram.
  • Imagine making money directly off your Instagram posts and see sales immediately after you post. 
  • Imagine no longer feeling stressed about follower count and finally having confidence with your posts. 

Let's work together to make it happen.