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Rachel Allene quarterly

Subcription boxes

Do you ever scroll through the Rachel Allene shop completely unsure what to get and want #allthethings?

The brand new subscription box product is perfect for you!

Every 3 months, a perfectly curated and intentional box of products will arrive on your doorstep. From mugs to notepads to pins and everything in between, we know you won’t be disappointed.

Why a subscription box?

Girl, because we know you like options! And because we know you like options, we have provided several different options for you to choose from. Whether you like deluxe pampering, just a little pampering, or you like to bulk order, we have an option for you!

Subscription boxes also give you exclusive access to products purposefully designed by Rachel for the boxes. You’re considered a VIP and will receive some incredible products!

Meaning that the only way to receive these items is through ordering a subscription box. Before our seasonal product launches, we will also include some seasonal products in the boxes before they are released in the shop!

Bonus for you: whatever option you choose you receive a discount on shipping. We know shipping can be a pain, so we do our best to keep the cost as low as we can!


Benefits of choosing a subscription box

Get Exclusive Access // the majority of the products in the subscription boxes will include products that are not offered in the Rachel Allene Shop. So consider yourself a VIP.  

Discounted prices // the overall value of the items in your box is higher than the price you pay for the subscription, so you’re saving some dolla bills!

You’ll never be without a gift // maybe you’re headed out the door for a birthday party and without a gift! Just grab an item from your subscription box and you’re all set. Your bestie will be forever grateful.

Early access to seasonal products // In August and October we launch our Fall products and our Holiday products, so you will receive one item of those product launches BEFORE they are even seen by the rest of the world.

You don’t have to worry // You won’t have to place a new order or renew your subscription! Simply sit back and wait for a package to arrive every 3 months. It will be like a present to yourself!

Discounted Shipping // we know that shipping costs are a pain, so our subscription box besties will receive 50% off shipping costs on the boxes that are sent your way! Now that’s a BIG win.


All Rachel Allene quarterly subscriptions will ship on the 15th of every month (or the following business day if the 15th lands on a weekend/holiday). The 2019 shipping dates are: March 15th, June 17th, September 16th, and December 16th.

You must sign up for your subscription before the end of day on the 1st of the month our boxes ship, to receive you first box in that same month. If you order after the 1st of the month or later, you'll receive your first box in the quarter following.

You sign up for your subscription on March 2nd
Your first Rachel Allene quarterly subscription box will ship on June 17th.
(June 15th is a Saturday.)

Please reach out to us on our contact page if you have any questions.

While the exact contents of your box won’t be known until you receive it, we have provided an example for you:

The Standard Box:

One ceramic mug

One notepad

One enamel pin

The Deluxe Box:

Two mugs

One notepad

One candle

One Enamel pin

return policy

We do not currently accept returns. While we know that you don’t know exactly what’s coming in your box, we do our best to provide amazing products for you. Please consider gifting to a friend!


There are no exchanges, refunds, or returns for the subscription boxes.

If you wish to sign up for the subscription box, you must place your order before March 1st, 2019. Any orders placed after March 1st, will be added to the next shipment (3 months later).

+ When should I expect my order to arrive?

All orders will be shipped from our studio within 3-5 business days.

+ Do you provide tracking information for orders?

Yes of course! All orders will be receive a shipping confirmation via email that includes your tracking number.

+ How do you ship your packages?

We ship via USPS Priority Mail.

+ Do you ship internationally?

We currently offer shipping methods to US and Canada in our online shop. However, we can create an order for other countries and manually input shipping costs. If you wish to place an international order, please send your potential order and shipping address to support[at]rachelallene[dot]com.

+ What happens if my tracking number stops updating and my package is never delivered?

Once your order has been passed off to USPS we unfortunately do not have control of the package's transit. If your order gets lost during transit, please contact USPS and file a claim for YOU to be reimbursed the insured value.

+ Can I return one of the items I receive in my subscription box?

We do not currently accept returns. While we know that you don’t know exactly what’s coming in your box, we do our best to provide amazing products for you. Please consider gifting to a friend!

+ Can I cancel my order?

Our orders are processed on a routine basis throughout each day. We can only cancel orders if they haven't been fulfilled yet. Once we have fulfilled the order (even if you've yet to receive a shipping confirmation), we are unable to cancel.

+ What should I do if I've received a broken item in my order?

If your package is delivered with any damage, you can either file a claim with the shipping carrier on behalf of yourself and get a compensation check to refund you for the broken item OR you can send us a clear picture of any damages AND your order number to support[at]rachelallene[dot]com and we will handle the claim on our end and replace the item for you.