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Our shipping picks

These are the items we purchase when needing new shipping materials. Click the image to be directed to the product for purchase!


Tissue Paper

We like to add a little extra packaging to our products and this tissue paper is the best quality we've found. 

packaging tape

This is the best packaging tape that we love! It's sturdy, durable, and withstands all shipping blunders. It's also the most cost effective option we have found. 

label printer

This is the best label printer on the market and will make your life so easy! 

MUG Shipping boxes

We love this brand and their prices have been the best for the quantities we purchase. They provide boxes in all sorts of sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the size you need. 

Print Mailers

When shipping paper or prints, you want to make sure the mailer won't bend. Photo/Document mailers have been the best option!

Bubble Wrap

We've tried countless bubble wrap options. We've attempted to save money by picking a lower quality. It's not worth it. Trust us. 

packaging PILLOWS

We prefer these over packaging peanuts and find them to be easy to use and affordable!

label paper

This is the rolls you will need for the Dymo machine.

Plastic Covers

Looking for a way to package your cards, prints, etc. in a plastic cover? Look no further!

Krinkle paper

We use this to stuff inside mugs, glasses, water tumblers, etc. It elevates the packaging and makes the customer feel like she is opening a gift!

shipping labels

If you want to use your inkjet or laser printer, you can use these half sheet shipping labels. 


These are the boxes we use to put our mugs in before placing in shipping box.


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