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You want to run a ridiculously successful product shop

in fact, maybe you already have a shop, but the sales just aren't coming.

you are confused and frustrated. But you can't shake this dream of yours.

And while you think you're products are nothing short of amazing and you receive comments and messages like "how cute!" or "I need that!", you're left with NOTHING. 



- Should I give up?

- What am I missing?

- Why won't people purchase my product?

You feel defeated. 

Unsure of what to change or how to get more sales. 



I created this for you. 

This is a step-by-step course for growing, systemizing, and maximizing your product shop.

I'm guessing you watch other shop owner's and they always seem to be packaging orders and selling out of items.

You're dying to sell products that fly off the shelves and into the hands of your customers. 

And I'm guessing you have no idea how to begin. Or what to do once you begin. 

There's so many things you're wondering about. 

Shipping. Fulfillment. Social Media. Production.


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You have two options. 

You could figure it out on your own.

Most likely spending hours and dollars you don't have trying to piece together how to do this whole "shop owner" life.

Or, you could have a roadmap and strategy laid out for you!

Whatcha, going to pick, sister?

If you're like me:

you're ready to dive in head first and lacking on time, let's do this girl!

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The Product Shop Academy

is your roadmap to running a profitable and thriving product shop. 

here's what you'll learn:

  • How to write and create a mission that attracts your ideal customers,

  • How to build a tribe and write a brand story,

  • How to pick the best products for your audience so they fly off the shelves. 

  • Tools for strategies for conducting Market Research and how to turn the research into profit,

  • Comprehensive tips and resources for shipping, packaging, and pricing for profit.

  •  How to use social media as a product shop owner,

  • Sales Psychology and what triggers purchasing in consumers.
  • How to create a launch strategy that builds momentum and creates a buzz around your product. 

  • The strategy behind offering sales and discounts, while still turning a profit. 

  • How to keep your customers coming back for more and write raving reviews,

  • And how to start and grow your email list. 

The Product Shop Academy is for the shop owner who just can't seem to get it right. You're ready to up-level your efforts and get down to business. You're unsure of the logistics and strategy, but you've got big dreams and passion to make it happen. Let's work together, girl.

This course will:

  • equip and guide you through all the steps it takes to create, grow, and build a sustainable product shop. 
  • help you develop a clear strategy for creating your signature product offerings.
  • offer the tools for calculating cost, shipping, and how to make sure you turn a profit.
  • give you strategies for starting and growing an email list.
  • provide you with social media strategy specific to product shop marketing.
  • and arm you with a launch strategy that converts!
If you have the motivation and the right tools, you can succeed.
— unknown

you ready?

After this course, you will have:

  • A clear strategy for creating your signature product offerings, 
  • In-depth research tools and discovery about your target market,
  • Tools for calculating cost, shipping, and how to make sure you turn a profit, 
  • A clear and strategic marketing plan,
  • Strategies for starting and growing an email list,
  • Social media strategy specific to your industry, 
  • A launch strategy that CONVERTS,
  • And confidence to make this happen!



what other's have said about rachel:

"Having a product based business is about so much more than just creating a product! Rachel's guide is a practical tool to help you set up the foundations of your business. I wish I'd had a guide like this when I started. I highly recommend making this investment in your business NOW, rather than struggling to figure it all out by yourself later!" -Kit Cronk

"I purchased the Product Shop Guide to turn my vision into a dream! The little bits and pieces I have read have been incredibly helpful!" -Paige Grate

"Without the guidance of Rachel, I never would have started my product shop. Her information and expertise gave me the confidence and tools to JUST START!" -Xenia

"After attending Rachel's Instagram Authenticity Masterclass, my entire perspective about social media has changed! My business partner and I completely changed how we approach posting and see out interaction as ways to serve our clients and potential clients, which has helped grow our brand! In addition, the strategies she taught us has helped us grow our sister brand, The 530 + Co." - Delphine