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The Product Shop Academy

learn three easy shifts to make in your shop for Q4!

We are nearing the end of the year…is your shop where you wanted it to be? I hope so, but if not…that’s probably why you’re here! I want to walk you through three VERY easy shifts you can make in your shop that will get it ready for the holiday hustle. And hopefully drive more traffic to your shop and increase sales!

Most shops make most of their revenue in the final quarter of the year…are you ready?

Sign up to join my totally free three day challenge! Each day I will email you a shop tip that can be implemented within minutes and will help boost your sales! Sound fun? I think so.

you have nothing to lose:

this is a totally free challenge that will equip and prepare you for the remainder of the year! All the strategies and tips I share will be the same strategies I have used to more than triple my sales in less than one year! Let’s do this, friend.



September 23-25th, 2019


your inbox!


I will be sending you daily emails with one shop tip that can be implemented immediately. Once you implement, just sit tight and wait for the next tip! You ready?! 

It would also be my hope that you would be able to connect with other online shop owners, so we will be cheering each other on in a private Facebook group

Are you ready to join me?

I’m a no-fluff kind of gal, so I promise to only send you tips that I personally have implemented and seen results from.

let's do it!

You’ll be sent a worksheet to complete before the challenge and an exclusive invite to the Facebook group. I can’t wait to get started!