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You've got big dreams and something spectacular you want to share with the world.

in fact, maybe you shared your course or product or service, and then:


ah, the dreaded crickets. 

And while you seem to believe that your product or service is nothing short of life-changing (which, I'm sure it is!), your audience just doesn't seem to be picking up what you're throwing down. 

You might be asking yourself these questions:

- What am I doing wrong?

- Should I give up?

- Do I need to start over?

You feel defeated. 

Unsure of what to do next and how to actually sell your product or service. 


I created this for you. 

This is a easy-to-follow workflow and strategy for mastering "the launch"

I am guessing, you've watched other business owners launch and you can't seem to "crack the code".

You want to excite your audience and create chatter around what you're selling. 

And I'm guessing you have no idea where to start. 


I created a complete guide and resource for you to learn about launching and tools for how to perfect your unique strategy! 

Ready to make this happen?

Tell me what's inside!


  • the top six launching strategies for launching,

  •  a launch workflow guide (aka: errythang you need to do)

  •  checklists for planning a product OR service launch (to be used over and over),



  • email templates for contacting influencers and emailing your list,

  • anatomy of a sales page,

  • and audio trainings to guide you through the process. 

The Launch League Workflow and Strategy will guide you through the process of building a launch strategy that creates excitement for your audience, builds momentum, increases sales, and boosts your profits. If you are getting ready to prep a new product or service for a launch, it's time you learned all about what it takes to build a workflow that takes you from frazzled to confident with every single launch. 

The good news is, you can use these strategies and checklists over and over again. It's life a gift that keeps on giving!


Curious to know more about it? Watch the video!

The Launch League Workflow an Strategy was created

to assist you with mastering launch strategy and help you implement all the tips to guarantee a smashing success, and dolla billz in your pockets!



"What is so wonderful about learning from Rachel is knowing she’s been there. Every step or technique in the Launch League is one she has tested and been successful using! And best of all, she know that one size doesn’t fit all. Each piece of the Launch League is meant to be used in a way that makes sense for YOUR business and audience. It’s not about a cookie cutter approach, but instead about using strategic steps to launch a product your audience is going to go crazy for! And it works!! I used Rachel’s techniques in my last launch and it was the most successful one to date!" -Sara Morris Pietila

"The Launch League is a game-changer for creative small businesses! Rachel provides actionable steps and checklists that make implementing her strategies a breeze! Are you ready to take your shop and business to the next level? Are you ready to sell more products? Then The Launch League is for you!" -Lindsay Cornish


“I love this!!! My favorite part is the email templates and that each of the steps have a checklist! Everything is laid out so clearly that all someone has to do is literally tick the boxes while completing each task. I really can't wait to use this for my own upcoming launch!” -Sasha Willis


"This will be my launch and I’m feeling #alltheoverwhelm. Rachel’s step by step guide and checklists have helped to me streamline and organize my workflow. Which in-turn has helped me to produce a better quality/professional launch. And I’m sleeping much better at night!" -Beth Anne Sevick Anderson