Pregnancy and Business

Truth be told, being pregnant is hard. There I said it. I am not going to say it again and it only needs to be said once. You can always read about what I’ve learned about pregnancy in this post.

For today’s purposes, I want to talk about how I have managed pregnancy and business ownership.

I have been lucky to have a fairly easy pregnancy, physically speaking. This has allowed me to (somewhat) keep up with the normal work schedule I had before getting pregnant. That being said, there are plenty of things about running a business that have changed since getting pregnant. And, there are also some things that haven’t changed. The changes have helped me to better manage both being pregnant and a business owner. And, there are things that I have clung to more deeply as a result of getting pregnant. 

Things that have changed:

  • My amount of goals: at the end of 2016 I sat down and wrote out very strategic goals for 2017. I knew that most of my goals would have to be accomplished January-June, so that limited the amount of goals that I put on my list. I made sure my goals were incredibly focused and had big purpose behind them.

  • My focus: since I know that once the baby comes things are going to change, I have been way more focused on my goals. The timeline has helped me be more focused on my goals and not get distracted by a new idea that pops into my head. It needs to have a big purpose and it needs to be attainable. This has allowed me to let go of things and truly focus on what matters to me this year.

  • My perspective on rest and grace: I have had to embrace a “weaker” Rachel. I know I probably shouldn’t use that adjective, but that’s how I can feel at times. I have always taken in my pride in my ability to wake up at 5:45, go for a run, do Pilates and be at my desk by 8 am. I never skipped a workout and I always finished my to-do list. Rest was for the weak and I had no time for that. (Before you think I am a terrible person, know that pregnancy has changed me) Now, I am fully aware that choosing rest actually makes me stronger and changes in my physical abilities doesn’t make me weak. I am growing a human life for crying out loud.

  • Blog content topics: I have had more requests for lifestyle/personal blog posts. So, as I navigate the waters of pregnancy for the first time, I am trying to share more! I have also been more focused with my business blog posts. I try to stick to a couple of different themes, instead of just posting whatever I feel like. 

  • Timelines for projects: since our little one is expected to come in July, I know that the second half of 2017 will be less productive for business than the first half. So, I have only take on projects that can be completed before the babe comes. I have scheduled my content more strategically and I don't have any projects scheduled until September. 

  • My ability to say “yes”: there have been some incredible opportunities that have been offered to me, but they are occurring pretty close to my due date. And I've had to say "no." It was really hard to do that. I am still bummed about it, but I know that this is the perfect timing for our baby, so I am trusting God with all of that. But, don't get me wrong; it's hard.

Things that haven’t changed:

  • My love for my work: I am still fully in love with my work and the business I am running. In fact, I am even more grateful for the work I do and the flexibility it has allowed me. I have been able to move slower on days where I don't feel great. Or I am able to start work later if needed. I still love waking up and running my business, growing a human hasn't changed that for me. At this point, business owner is still one of my favorite roles I fill (next to wife, mama, daughter, sister, and friend!)

  • My mission and vision: I am still fully and completely dedicated to running a business that empowers and encourages women through honesty, creativity, and joy. My mission also includes helping honest and dedicated women run heartfelt and profitable businesses. 

  • My dedication: I am still 100% dedicated to running this business. My ability to run it with all of time will have to change soon, but that doesn't take away from my dedication. I truly believe that God has gifted me with this business and His plan is so much bigger than mine. I am just excited to see where he continues to take the biz!

  • My value for #realtalk and #lesshustlemoregrace: Since getting pregnant, these values became even more important to me. People don't always talk about how pregnancy is hard and that it might not feel like "the most exciting time of your life." That needs to be talked about. I have also had to embrace more grace as I hustle less. I get tired a lot easier. I can't wake up as early as I used to. I don't always have the energy to work until 5pm. But, guess what? It's okay, because: #lesshustlemoregrace. That's what it's all about!