Baby Heckmann Baby Shower

As I write this recap of the Baby Shower, I am 31 weeks pregnant, So, we are in the final stretch (kinda)!

I will forewarn you and let you know that this is a image heavy post, so if you don't feel like scrolling, I won't be offended. 

My Mom was the mastermind behind the shower, but she pulled the whole thing off with the help of my two sisters, my friend Alex, and many others! The theme for the shower was woodland animals and let me tell you: my mama really outdid herself. The details were everywhere and every single guest was incredibly impressed with the shower decor. 

I couldn't have been more blessed by the shower! I was surrounded by incredible women who truly love me and our little babe. They encouraged me, blessed me, showered me with generous gifts, and celebrated with me!

If you ever need someone to plan a party for you, I can definitely loan my Mom to you! She's an all-star. 

(all paper goods and hand-lettering for the party was done by yours truly!)

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