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The Product Shop Academy course

a course for enthusiastic and dedicated product shop owners driven to see results, impact lives, and grow their business.

Hey you!

I remember when I was just starting out my product shop and had a hard time finding clients and customers who would buy my products. The passion was there… I loved what I was doing, but I had no idea how to make it successful. I felt like every day was an experiment and when I figured out one thing, another problem arose.

Over the years I have taken those countless mistakes & pitfalls and turned them into my business as it stands today. to be honest, it's my hope and dream to be able to pour back into people who were in my same spot just a few years ago.

So, what's this course?

Glad you asked! The Product Shop Academy Course was created for shop owners in the beginning stages of growing an online shop. I find that there is little to no information and education specifically designed for shop owners, right?

When I first started my shop, I was desperate for answers and advice about how to grow my shop, find customers, and increase my sales.

This course is for you if you’re ready to use your creativity to serve your audience, make an impact, and build a shop that makes money!

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 is this course a good fit for you?

This course is for you if:

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
— Vincent Van Gogh
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The product shop academy course will:

  • equip and guide you through all the steps it takes to create, grow, and build a sustainable product shop.

  • help you develop a clear strategy for creating your signature product offerings.

  • offer the tools for calculating cost, shipping, and how to make sure you turn a profit.

  • give you strategies for starting and growing an email list.

  • provide you with social media strategy specific to product shop marketing.

  • and arm you with a launch strategy that converts!


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I have a feeling you’ll agree that asking questions to the masses just feels intimidating when you’re trying to create a loyal customer base, branch out to new products and find suppliers, and actually turn a profit. In my experience, having a mentor through the process & fellow product shop owners to bounce ideas off of (and hardships with someone who understands!) is the most valuable way to grow your business - and quickly!

I remember those moments. They were so isolating

I hope you remember you aren’t alone and that you can do it.

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Are you ready to join?

frequently asked questions:

  • How much time do I need to commit to this?

You can take the course at your speed. If you’re wanting to binge through the course, it should take a total of 6-10 hours, start to finish. I suggest setting aside 1-2 hours per week until you finish. You would be done in 3-4 weeks! This will give you time for implementation!

  • What will we learn about?

The topics covered are listed above, but will include (but not limited to) writing a mission and vision statement, creating a brand story, production and shipping, conversions, website copywriting, email marketing, social media, and so much more!

  • What if this is my side hustle?

This is perfect! Building a sustainable business with clear and productive goals could be the next step in making your business a full-time endeavor. You don't have to be running your business full-time to be the perfect fit for this course. Wherever you're at, let's take it to the next level. 

  • What if I am just starting out?

Then you are in the perfect spot! I wish I had all this content when I was starting out. Everyone involved will be in a different spot, so don't worry about not being advanced enough. This course is crafted to help you thrive and set up a business that is sustainable!

  • How much does it cost?

You can see more details about investment here

  • Is there a payment plan?

Yes, of course! 

Have a different question you want answered? Just message us below and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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Word on the street:

what others have said about working with rachel...

If you want to see results in your struggling product shop, you want to work with Rachel. Rachel is a leading industry expert with several years of experience. You learn so many different strategies and tips when working with Rachel that you immediately feel energized and want to start working on your shop right away with the new strategies you just learned about. Rachel wants to help your product shop succeed. Rachel is the absolute best! - Audrey 

This [content] has changed my business in immeasurable ways. But also in measurable ones: the launches I did during this mastermind made me 10x more money than any other launch I've done since I began my business 3 years ago, I grew my Instagram following by 150 followers, and my email list is 5 times bigger. However, it's not just about the numbers. It's about the community we all need to foster & grow our businesses. This mastermind does all that and more. Plus, Rachel is kind, thoughtful, and the best friend you have always needed to help you grow your business. - Sara

"You have been such an inspiration for me! Since our coaching call in the Spring my business has FLOURISHED and I've been able to quit my full time job to chase my dream of owning a small business with multiple platforms! It's all because of YOU! Your encouragement, your love for serving others and your AMAZING resources you've created and shared with us all!!!" - Danielle

Rachel’s Mastermind is simply amazing. She literally gives you all the tools you need to get your product shop up and running. And even more than that, she gives you the confidence and push to help you be successful. Before the Mastermind, I was half-heartedly launching products without a plan. Now I have a complete strategy to help my store grow. - Sasha

"Working with Rachel was such a joy! Our time spent working together was very intentional, and she connected and listened from the start. I knew from the moment we started talking with each other she truly cared for me and my ministry. She has such a positive way of impacting my life with her wisdom and insight into the business and personal world. Rachel is on purpose with her business and through that flows her heart and passion for helping others. Rachel is extremely knowledgable and her inviting spirit continues to draw me in to all that she has to teach. I love Rachel and her heartfelt mission and vision, and I highly recommend working with her! Plus she will make you laugh with her funny thoughts and engaging videos." - Jennifer

The investment:

The Product Shop Academy course is a paid educational resource. We have worked hard to make this affordable for all!

Payment options:

  • One payment of $327

  • or three payments of $117

Not sure if you’re ready yet?

I am happy to answer any questions! Send me an email here! This course was created after years of trying and failing, trying again and succeeding! I have spent hours creating content JUST for online shop owners and I truly want to serve you and your business.

Let’s do this?! Yes!


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