you know the drill. the commenting, and “follow for follow” battle, the endless liking of photos; just hoping to get a couple more followers. the struggle. 

We all want to grow our audience on Instagram. But, are you able to do this in a heartfelt way?

It has always been my mission and goal to use my Instagram for more than likes and followers. It’s about impacting lives, speaking truth into the lonely places of life and business, and empowering women to be the best version of themselves. And because of this, I have been able to grow a tribe of individuals who love and “buy into” my brand. They await posts and Instagram story updates. I don’t want to look at my Instagram and see a bunch of faceless people. I want to view each follower as a person with a story. A person who needs to be heard and cared for. This is the mission behind #theheartfeltgrid. 

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