What I Learned From Running An Online Instagram Challenge

If you’ve been around here for a bit, I hope that you learned about #theheartfeltgrid challenge that I hosted back in February! It was a super fun, exciting, mind-blowing challenge that I hosted on Instagram. The challenge was for business owners who wanted to learn about growing an Instagram feed with authenticity, real talk, and honest confessions. If you didn’t participate, you can still get access to all the content! You can sign up here and go through the challenge at your pace.

Four Things I Learned on Our Babymoon

I have a confession.

I have a love/hate relationship with travel. On one hand, I love to see new places, get away with my husband, and take time away from routine. But, on the other hand, I don’t like to change up my routine, I don’t like flying, and it’s hard for me to take time off.

Creative Hub Conference | Join me!

I wish I had taken advantage of educational opportunities earlier in my business. There is so much value and worth in learning from others who have gone before you. I went to my first conference in 2016 and since then, my business has never looked the same. I've been able to crush goals, take risks, and make connections that never would have happened without the influence and experience that comes from a conference. 

Business Resources You Need in Your Business

Running a business is a lot of work. 

There are countless hats we wear as entrepreneurs. Every day, I am a CEO, operations manager, accountant, marketing manager, shipping and fulfillment coordinator, customer service representative, sales account manager, social media manager, personal chef, chief decision maker (CDM), copywriter, graphic designer, joy and grace cultivator, and so much more. 

Helpful Advice from Successful Product Shop Owners | FREE DOWNLOAD

When I started my business, my business mentors were countless blog posts and free resources. I wasn’t making much money and I just didn’t have the resources to pay for a mentor. I knew it would be a dream come true to have that type of coaching at my disposal, but it wasn’t possible.

What I’ve Learned Since Being Pregnant

Here’s the thing: pregnancy is not unicorns and rainbows. It’s hard. And I know that there are countless women who would give anything to be in my shoes. I realize that and I am grateful for this baby, my body, and this pregnancy. I don’t take it for granted and I want to note that this topic can be sensitive for many!

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How To Write A Shop Listing for Your Shop | Plus a free template!

This year I have been working on streamlining my business and finding ways to do more with less time. There are multiple applications that have helped me with this, but that’s another blog post for another day. Instead of diving into the applications that help, I want to talk about the systems that I put into place to help me save time and be consistent.

Finding a Style In Home Ownership | and why Framebridge rules

We bought a house in this past September,

and it was one of the most unexpected, exciting, and stressful experiences in my life. We aren't the best planners, so when we get an idea in our heads, we pretty much just dive in head first. I don't love to be patient, so once we decided we might want to start house hunting, I was already packing the boxes. 

Women with Purpose | Interview with Nicole Andreini

I am so excited to continue with the new blog series for the Rachel Allene blog! This past year, I have learned so much about growing a business, building a brand, increasing online sales, growing a mailing list, etc. through the influence and expertise of other highly creative and talented women. They have encouraged me, inspired me, and taught me to be fearless in my pursuits. They run their businesses with intention, purpose, and with a heart to give back. I am excited to start sharing some interviews with these women. They will offer insight, real talk, and actionable steps for growing a successful and profitable business (while making a difference!)

The Together Experience Conference | A Recap

Attending conferences was something that I put on my goals list for 2016 and I am so glad I did. Adding this goal to my goal list and accomplishing it helped me learn that conferences are so important for growing a successful creative business. There are countless networking opportunities, it gets you out of your comfort zone, it adds a lot to your business education, and it’s just down right FUN!

Rachel Allene