Our Secret to Getting Sleep with a Newborn

It’s no secret to anyone: life with a newborn is tiring. And in my few weeks of having a newborn, I’ve learned, in new ways, how important sleep is. Before Knox arrived, I prayed for a baby that would sleep. And at this point, from what I know, God answered my prayers. However, there is definitely a secret weapon we discovered that has been a lifesaver for naps and our nighttime routine (please note: I use the word routine verrrry loosely here).

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Five Steps to Kickstart your Email Marketing

“You need a mailing list”

If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard or read this within the past year. I am guessing you’ve noticed that social media has changed and you aren’t able to depend on Instagram for all your marketing purposes. You’ve probably read blog posts about Mailchimp vs. Convertkit. And I’m also guessing that at some point in the process of learning about email marketing, you’ve also felt stressed and anxious about it.

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Please Don’t Repost My Picture

I know that this could ruffle some feathers, but I feel this is something that needs to be talked about in the creative community. As an artist and product shop owner, I work VERY hard to create the images in my Instagram feed. I plan product shooting days. I buy props for my photoshoots. I pay my friends to model for me. I buy coffee to brew for the glass coffee mugs. I buy donuts (and try really hard to not eat them). I write out a plan for every single picture I create. I have a checklist. I edit the photos. I export them and upload them to my phone.

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Beating the Instagram Algorithm

Let’s face it: Instagram is totally different these days. It makes sense. But still, it’s a bummer. Instagram is a business and they want to make money--can’t blame them--but it cramps our style, right? Well, first off we just need to accept that it’s different and learn to “adapt and overcome” as my husband would say. And second, we also need to learn to put our time and energy into other marketing platforms. 

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Social Media Check-In

We all know it: social media gives us unrealistic expectations, breeds jealousy and comparison, and contributes to the viral spread of FOMO. You can’t deny it. You can’t argue with it. It’s just the truth. But, I believe, there are ways for us to use these apps in a way that doesn’t compete with our emotional health and positive self-talk. I am just as guilty as the next person for falling into the traps of comparison, FOMO, and unrealistic expectations. I’m not immune. Either are you. But, let’s work together to find some ways to use these apps to do the opposite.

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Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos

We all love to scroll through our Instagram feeds and double tap the images of cute puppies, colorful macaroons, gorgeous floral arrangements, latte art, and candid photos of our friends. We enjoy sneak peeks into the lives of others, whether it be our best friend or favorite celebrity. As a creative entrepreneur, Instagram is a large part of my business and allows me to connect with an audience from all over the world. I hope that my Instagram feed provides encouragement, honesty, and beauty into the lives of my followers and friends. I thought it would be a fun and useful resource to offer Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos. Let’s dive right in!

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Five Steps to Starting a Product Shop

If you’ve started an online product shop or you want to, you have probably realized that there isn’t a lot of education or material out there to help you. And guess what? There are a lot of things you need to get your shop started. It takes a lot of work and if you want to do it right (which I’m sure you do, ‘cause you’re reading this!), then you might need a little direction.

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Ten Ways to Implement Healthy Habits into a Entrepreneur Life

If you know me personally, you know that health and wellness is something that is very important to me. I actually went to college to major in Health Science! Directly after graduating, I had plans to work in the wellness field and promote worksite wellness in the corporate world. For me, it is kinda crazy to think about how mug my life trajectory has changed, in comparison to what I expected two and half years ago. But, I don’t regret it at all! All that being said, I still have a great big ‘ol passion for health and wellness and I still love to use my knowledge and passion to influence the lives around me.

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Work from Home Surprises

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you’re probably aware that I work from home; by myself. As an extrovert, it can be tough for me to work alone at home. But there are also some unexpected surprises that have been a result of working at home! Before I worked at home, I had expectations and ideas of what it would be like to work at home. I had imagined I would never get distracted, tired, or bored. I face all three of those things on a daily basis!

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The Ultimate Summer Checklist

When I was growing up, Summer was one of my favorite seasons! I think I loved it so much because it was a break from school and I got to swim every day. Where I grew up (and where I currently live) gets VERY hot during the Summer. It’s no Arizona heat, but we have 100+ degree weather for several months. The heat lasts until October and by that time, we are soooo over the heat that we can all be a little grumpy

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How I Manage #allthethings

Here's the thing: I don't.


This blog my post is my confession of what life truly looks like behind the scenes.

I want to do this because I know that I have watched people online and believed the lie that they are living a highly organized, perfectly planned, routined, and problem-free lifestyle. I also believe that their business is stronger, better, and more successful than mine.

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